Lean DevOps Book

Deliver target outcomes  more effectively

As service stacks grow more complex, meeting customer expectations for speed, consistency, reliability, security, privacy, and value becomes ever tougher. Layering on new cloud technologies, architectural approaches, or methodologies can aggravate the problem by widening the gap between what delivery teams think they’re delivering and what the customers actually experience.

Lean DevOps helps you escape this spiral, reverse bad habits, and regain the situational awareness you need to deliver the right services in the right way.


Learn to See What Matters

Delivery success counts on making effective decisions at the right time. Doing so takes more than having the latest tools or following a particular process. It requires making sure that everyone has the right level of awareness and context to make effective decisions toward a shared objective.

Lean DevOps shows you how to build a delivery ecosystem that breaks down the barriers that so often cause teams to sub-optimize and thereby lose sight of the larger perspective.

Learning to See

Apply the Best of Lean in the IT Context

Lean is a great way to get everyone to take a step back from the work they are performing to find a more effective way to achieve the target outcome. Lean DevOps uses Lean principles to help team members continually improve the delivery ecosystem. It points out the dangers of automating without awareness, as well as the importance of making it safe for team members to openly learn from their mistakes without retribution.

Handle Scale and Governance with Grace

Lean DevOps is effective whether you work for a small startup or a giant multinational, regardless of whether IT Service Delivery is core to what you do or merely a supporting function of your organization.

Learn what it takes to build the capability the right way in order to scale your deliveries to handle thousands of services globally with minimal risk. Find out how to manage legal and regulatory requirements while still maintaining delivery agility.


Illustrations with Character

Work books can be both informative and entertaining. Find illustrations that are relatable and still make you chuckle.


Real Stories from the Trenches

It takes more than suggesting a new way of working to make a big change work. Lean DevOps is full of real stories that you can relate to from service deliveries in some of the most challenging ecosystems.

Read how seemingly minor efforts can turn into fatal business catastrophes. Discover the thinking behind the Simian Army and the concepts of “Known Unknowns” and “Unknowables”.



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